WITHDRAW: a regional site anesthesia is performed. The fat tissue is then removed. Both procedures are carried out through the use of a needle connected to Luerlock® syringe to simplify the procedure;

PROCESSING: the removed tissue is immediately processed in order to get a gradual reduction of adipose clusters; MilliGraft prepares a fluid suspension without oily and hematics components that are usually pro-inflammatory;

FILTRATION: the processed adipose tissue is filtered in order to isolate and select the desired cell population with a special device;

GRAFTING: once ended the filtration phase, the suspension is now ready to be injected in the damaged tissues ;

MilliGraft® 3D procedure


MilliGraft® procedure

Fernado COLAO M.D.

MilliGraft® procedure

Fabiano Svolacchia M.D.

 JaluGraft® Procedure

MilliGraft associated with hyaluronic acid

Paolo Mezzana M.D.